Texeco’s obligation to our learner:

  1. Texeco complies with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and provides quality training and assessment at all times.
  2. Texeco will issue the appropriate certification or Statement of attainment upon the learner providing evidence of course pre-requirements to entry and the completion of the relevant training and assessment.

Our learner’s rights:

  1. In the event the learner wants to make a complaint or appeal please read Texeco’s Complaints and Appeals process. Additional information can be found in Texeco’s Student handbook Section 9.
  2. If Texeco ceases to deliver any part of the training product that the learner is enrolled in, a refund will be payable to the learner.

Our Learners’ obligations:

  1. The learner is required to attach the supporting evidence for the course entry requirements before enrolment can be finalised
  2. To attend the course wearing their own protective clothing
  3. To complete all assessments as required by Texeco to deem the learner competent
  4. To pay Texeco the full course fee upon completion before being eligible to receive the appropriate Qualification, Statement of attainment or Certificate of attendance.

Fees, Cancellation and Refunds

  1. Texeco’s current Fees for each course is reflected on our website.

A minimum of $1500.00 is payable upon enrolment for the courses:

  • UEE42620 Certificate IV in Hazardous areas – Electrical
  • EEHA Install Maintain Inspect

The course “EEHA Install Maintain Inspect – Intense Mode Refresher Upgrade” is payable in full upon enrolment.


  1. Cancellation Policy

Texeco has a cancellation policy based on a right to recover relevant costs to Texeco.

All requests for refunds/cancellation/transfer must be in writing to the . Should a student withdraw from a course for any reason a full or partial refund may be applicable.

The information below outlines some of the circumstances under which a refund may be granted.


Cancellation notice provided Administration Fee Refund
More than ten working days $70 100% of the course fee
Five to ten working days $70 50% of the course fee
Less than five working days $70 25% of the course fee
Commenced Training N/A 0% of the course fee


Fees associated with the cost of Recognition of Prior Learning shall be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Students will be advised of the cost of RPL prior to engaging Texeco for this service.


An administration fee of $70 is required to be paid prior to course commencement, which is included with the deposit fee. If the student withdraws from the course prior to course commencement, they will forfeit this administration fee but may be entitled to a refund of the remaining deposit.


If a student is deemed not yet competent on completion of training and assessment, they will be offered an opportunity to be reassessed. If a student is deemed not yet competent a second time, they will be given an additional opportunity for reassessment for a third at a cost of $70.


  1. Fees Paid and Refunds Given Policy

All fees and charges for self-paced training will be invoiced upon acceptance of the Application for Enrolment.


Course material will be distributed only when the agreed deposit has been received by Texeco. Once the student has been enrolled and has commenced the training, a refund will not be given should the student wish to discontinue their training. Training is considered to have commenced when the student is provided access to the course training materials.


Should a student wish to discontinue with an RPL once payment has been made, no refund will be issued for that specific unit of competency.


The entire course fee, including the administration fee of $70, will be refunded if Texeco fails to provide the agreed services or if Texeco has cancelled the enrolled training.


If the participant withdraws from a course due to illness or hardship, you may withdraw and be entitled to a partial refund under the following conditions:

 Satisfactory evidence for withdrawal (e.g., medical certificate) must be provided, or

 A non-refundable administration fee of $70 will be deducted from any eligible refund, or

 Any refund due to withdrawal due to hardship will be at the discretion of Texeco.


Students are responsible for the safe storage of their Certificates and Statements of Attainment. If a student requires a reissue of their Certificate or Statement of Attainment, a certificate re-issue administration fee of $70 will be charged.

In terms of timeframes for payments, Texeco will not admit a student unless an agreed deposit has been paid, or in the case of a company, a purchase order has been received.

Texeco will not issue any statements of attainment unless the training and assessment have successfully been completed and paid for in full.

When a student pays the full course fee, they will be provided access to the required course training materials within not more than one business day so that pre-reading can commence.

If course is invoiced to your employer or a third party, and that organisation ceases to operate or refuses to make payment, the course fee becomes the responsibility of the student.


  1. Cooling Off Period

Students have the right to a ‘cooling-off period’ if they signed up for a course as a result of telemarketing or door-to-door sales. The cooling-off period is 10 days from the date they signed their Agreement. To exercise this right, the student must notify Texeco’s office in writing within 10 days of enrolment. This can be by email to or by registered post.


  1. Fee Protection Policy

Prepaid fees include all fees paid in advance from prospective students. Fees include all fees that the student is required to pay to complete the course, this includes:

 Enrolment/Administration Fees

 Tuition Fees

 Fees for course materials.


Texeco has measures in place to protect students’ prepaid fees.

  • Texeco will not require more than $1500 per learner in prepaid fees.